Over 100 students are involved in Skule(tm) Nite each year. Many students return year after year because being involved with the show is such a fun time. However, a combination of new and experienced people is needed to keep the tradition of Skule(tm) Nite going. If you want to know how you can contribute, please keep reading.

Becoming a Brain or Production Team member
The preparation for a new show begins soon after the previous show is over. Positions such as director are selected from experienced Skule(tm) Nite veterans. The producer selects his or her production team members based on recommendations and experience. Once a core group of people is established, others are recruited. There is a lot of work involved in bringing Skule(tm) Nite to the stage, so any offers to help are welcome. Visit the Brains and Production pages to see what positions are available, or to see in what area you'd be interested in helping out.

Auditioning for cast:
Cast auditions for this year are over. Thank you to everyone who tried out for cast. Approximately 60 people auditioned. For a listing of the 20 people who were chosen to be the Skule(tm) Nite 2002 cast, check out the cast page. Next year's auditions will likely be in early October.

Pit band:
Most of the musical numbers in the show are accompanied by live music from the band. Auditions for this year's band have already been held. If you're musically inclined, be sure to keep Skule(tm) Nite in mind next year.

Becoming a crew member:
Prior to runthroughs and the performances, crew members spend time on weekends building the many sets and props needed for the show. During the show, these same people become the stage and tech crew. Everyone is welcome to attend building sessions and to become crew members - just send an email asking us to fill you in on all the details. If you have a specific interest in sound, sound effects or lighting please state this in your email.

Contributing Material to the show:
If you have a funny sketch idea and want to share it with the writers, please contact skulenite.skule.ca. If we think you can be trusted, then maybe we'll invite you to our super secret hilarious writers' meetings. We don't publicize the writers' meetings because we don't want material leaking out before the show and ruining the super secret hilarious surprises.

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