Skule(tm) Nite Turns Eighty Years Old
(give or take few years)

The tradition of Skule(tm) Nite was born over 80 years ago. In 1921, the School of Practical Science (SPS) at the University of Toronto staged a variety show called "The Ngynyrs in SPaSms" at Toronto's Massey Hall. The stunt show was a combination of music and theatrics and was an instant success. After only two years at Massey Hall, SPaSms moved to Hart House Theatre as part of an effort bring women into the then men-only Hart House.

The musical variety show transformed over the years into a one-night open house meant to display a large cross-section of skills possessed by the engineers including sport, art, music and theatre. Eventually, the theatrical component took on a dominant role, until gradually Skule(tm) Nite evolved into one of the biggest annual theatre events on campus. Full terms would be spent building elaborate sets and costumes; the most talented actors from all faculties were sought out and recruited into the production. Sadly, the urge to be "bigger and better" every year eventually resulted in the show collapsing under its own weight in 1968.

Four years later, however, the idea was revived. The 7T3 show saw Skule(tm) Nite going back to its roots as a series of short musical and comedy sketches by engineers. Over the last two decades, Skule(tm) Nite's reputation as an hilarious and professional show has grown. Today, it is a staple of the Hart House Theatre roster and an audience favourite with continued success.

The past webpages for shows have been archived on this site and can be reached from the links below:

[ Skule(tm) Nite 0T1 ]

Skule(tm) Nite 0T1 website
Producer: Glenn Hauck
Director: Chris Langley
Featured: 1:100,000 scale Death Star, 1:1 scale R2-D2

[ Skule(tm) Nite 0T0 ]

Skule(tm) Nite 0T0 website
Producer: Wilfred Lam
Director: Aryn Pyke
Featured: Talking carrot, celery and spermatozoa

[ Skule(tm) Nite 9T9 ]

Skule(tm) Nite 9T9 website
Producer: Xavier Galvez
Director: Kern Lewin
Featured: Naked Mounties, Star Trek crew in four-part harmony

[ Skule(tm) Nite 9T8 ]

Skule(tm) Nite 9T8 website
Producer: Kristin Hofstee
Director: Trevor Mills
Featured: Man-eating dinosaur, Russell "I buy your Jewelry" Oliver

[ Skule(tm) Nite 9T7 ]

Skule(tm) Nite 9T7 website
Producer: Trevor Mills
Director: Alex Hatzivassilis
Featured: Unintentionally collapsing set, intentionally exploding buildings

For other pictures, audio clips and anecdotes from some of the more recent years, recently retired, longtime Skule(tm) Niter Alex Kung has a Skule(tm) Nite page dedicated to the show.

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