Tiffany Conroy: Producer

Tiffany started as a lighting flunky gofer, worked her way up to cast, wrote a few lame jokes that made it to stage, designed a couple posters and t-shirts and finally became such a control freak that she just had to have the top job. As producer, she'll attempt to avoid having a heart attack while overseeing every last detail, making sure it gets done right. She only has one question for you: "Do you like onions on your pizza?"

Michael "the Mike" Wood: Director

Year after year, Mike sacrificed grades for fame and respect for laughs while he was a cast member. Last year, he sacrificed Skule(tm) Nite for money and lived to regret it. This year, he's pulling together the most hilarious writing, most talented cast and most impressive crew to bring you the long awaited "Best Skule(tm) Nite Ever". Out of modesty, he insists we refer the to show as "Skule(tm) Nite 2002" until after the initial reviews.

Paul Andersen: Stage Manager

Paul paid his dues for 5 years up in the Hart House lighting booth. Much to our dismay, he retired last year, leaving us in the dark. We begged him to return, promising him a promotion and a big raise. His new job description includes coordinating lighting, sound, effects, the band, the stage crew and of course, those prima donnas in cast. His raise includes a 40 of booze. (We were kidding about the booze, Paul).

Taras Juzkiw: Technical Director

Taras has been involved with Skule(tm) Nite since the late '90s. In the past he has overseen [or maybe it's overheard] the soundboard. This year he will be overseeing [or maybe it's overlording] all the technical junk and junkies.

Kern Lewin: Vocal Director

For past shows, Kern has been director (9T9), a cast member (9T5, 9T6, 9T7, 9T8) and Vocal Director (0T0). Since he did this same job a couple years ago, we know he doesn't suck at it. He will help with casting, arrange vocal parts for all songs, and then coach the cast to sing in key. And show up on time, right Kern?

Josephine Chen and Kathryn Clark: Choreographers

Skule(tm) Nite 2002 will be Josephine's third year making dancing engineers look both professional and humourous. (The humourous part comes easy.) This year will be Kathryn's first time leading our cast into dancing mayhem.

Jeremy Burko: Band Director

Much to some audience member's surprise, Skule(tm) Nite boasts a live band. Last year, Jeremy was behind the scenes playing soprano sax. For the 2002 show, he'll arrange the score, audition players and hold rehearsals. During the show, he'll be at the back of the stage leading the band. After the show, he'll drive himself crazy trying to get the damned songs from the show out of his head. » Meet the Skule(tm) Nite 2002 Pit Band.

Caitlyn Paget: Costumes

Caitlyn is making, buying and commissioning all the most interesting costumes for the show. Without giving anything away, let's just say that she is pretty excited about some of the stuff we've asked her to design.

The SN2002 Production Team

Tiffany rounded up a whole team of production people to do all her work for her. These people do a lot of work during the year planning, promoting and financing the show. And their only reward is a free t-shirt. Visit the page all about them.

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