Tiffany Conroy: Producer

Enough about Tiffany. More about the people who help her:

Monika Go: Programme Layout

The lovely and talented Monika is reprising her role as programme layer-outer. For other previous shows, she has done web and graphic design, as well as performed the glamorous job of programme hander-outer.

Marion Hill: Sponsorship Coordinator

It costs more money to stage Skule(tm) Nite than we make in ticket sales. Thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors and the persistant nagging skills of Marion, we manage to scrounge up enough cash to subsidize your ticket. You're welcome.

Kristin Hofstee: Ticketing

Kristin has the wisdom from having once been the producer. She understands better than most that we must sell tickets in order to have a show. Or more accurately, pay for it.

Chris Langley: Photographer

Chris has some serious tricks up his sleeve. Come to the show and you'll find out what they are ...

Mary Rebello: Skule(tm) Promotions

There are some students in fourth year who have never seen a single performance of Skule(tm) Nite. They have no idea what they are missing. Mary will try and reach these people, saving them from their own ignorance.

Carrie Smith: External Promotions

Skule(tm) Nite is a show for everyone - not just engineers - but the only way non-engineers will know that is if Carrie tells them. She'll canvas the campus, contact the papers and invite other faculties and colleges to come.

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