The Fifth (of 6)
The Consequence

No, I do not hate men.  No, I am not a feminist.

In the literary sense, this painting is the climax of the series.  The first painting introduced the setting, the characters and something about their relationship.  A conflict began to build, until the confrontation.  But now, it is the 'woman' who is in control.  The essense of the woman that dominates.

I was not building to this scene.  I had no idea where the story was going when I started.  While planning the fourth painting I had some idea how I wanted the series to end, and I had to get there somehow.  I wanted it to be clear from the paintings what was happening, and in this, the fifth painting, I wanted it to be clear that the woman had taken action to liberate herself.  What more clear way to demonstrate this?  My point was to show that a story can be told through body language alone, and I think this painting is pretty straightforward.

Oh, and I don't really like this one all that much.  I think of it as uninspired.

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