About Me

I build user interfaces. I am a frontend developer who knows more XSLT and IE6 work-arounds than a modern developer should still need. I'm a recovering PHP programmer. I bring strong opinions to discussions, but enjoy having them changed using reason. I've only read half of the HTML5 spec, and only bits of CSSOM spec, which has some crazy stuff in it. Look me up here:

I also take pictures, and I make food and write about it:

Some Projects I'm proud of

Streamed rates ticker


As part of a redesign, marketindex UK wanted to showcase their live market prices. My colleague and I build a live rates ticker that uses node.js and long-polling (comet) streaming. Then I hooked it up to HighCharts for some live-streamed chart action. The project was really fun.

Virtual Liver Network


I have worked on custom WordPress templates, and other one-off, non-app webpages. The one I am most proud of is virtual-liver.de. Why I am happy with it: I convinced the client they only needed a single page, I used HTML5, and the map in the Network section is pure HTML/CSS/JS.

Toys and Experients

In order to stretch my talents and as a creative outlet, I've built a few web toys.

3D Visualizer (Webkit only)


I read this tweet and decided it would be a fun experiment to make a bookmarklet that could perform a 3D transformation on any page:

“Nice idea: someone needs to build an app to view website layers (div, tables, z-index, etc.) in 3D. (via @DSMfreelancer) #sm3d” — @smashingmag

I specially aimed to avoid using any libraries as an exercise for myself. Due to the still-limited support for z-translations, it only works in Webkit. I imagine that I could use lots of math to fake the z-translation part of the 3D rendering, and could either find or modify a library to aid me.

Advent Calendar


I originally made this advent calendar back in 2006. I completely re-wrote the HTML/CSS/JS (which also meant rewriting a bit of PHP) in November 2010. The goal of the re-write was to remove inline onclicks and a reliance on a <table> for structure.

It has image preloading, and rather than using AJAX, this simple toy delivers all the content on page load. On line 24, it has a Chocolate factory ;)

Note: The behaviour of the advent calendar is most interesting between the 1st and 25th of Decemeber. In case you look at it after that date, here is a link that pretends the date is December 14th: advent.precis-project.com/14.php

glyphany - glyph pallet bookmarklet


As a type nerd who was forced to use a Windows machine, I was frustrated that I did not have access to n- and m-dashes, especially while writing tweets. I wrote a bookmarklet that can be used on [almost] any webpage, in [almost] any browser. The first (and only) release is quite limited. The only smart thing it does is that it avoids loading jQuery if it is already present in the document.

Planned improvements: ability to load from a new tab, searching within entire Unicode set, remember recent and favourite glyphs per user.

Incomplete: précis micro-CMS


The idea behind précis was that a lot of small businesses need a single well-designed webpage, which we would connect to a micro-CMS that would allow simple, in-page editing. I've learned a lot since I wrote this crappy code, but I'm still excited about the idea and the work so far.